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Diving for Pearls - Identifying Your Values

What do you do when your circumstances don’t allow you to step away from them, to take a break?

I believe there are three things that can get us through difficult circumstances when stepping away from them is not possible: hope, peace and power.

The human psyche can manage a lot of mental / emotional and physical pain if it has something to focus on or to look forward to - something to hope for. What are you hoping for? How *real* is it to you?

Peace can never be sustained if we are expecting to get it from external circumstances - it is too rare and too fragile! Internal peace takes work but once you have experienced it you will never want to be without it!

Power, and by this I mean personal power - is the mind-blowing reality that we always have a choice how we respond in this life no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in. We can be horrifically victimised, but only we can decide to identify as a victim. When we choose to retain our personal power no circumstance can overwhelm us for long!

Diving for Pearls - Identifying Your Values will take you through a process of identifying and articulating your values so that you can be equipped to face the circumstances that life throws at you with hope, peace and power.

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